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Innovative CNC Bending Services from Lancerfab Tech

Laser cutting and CNC bending are the two most important services Lancerfab Tech Services offers. Using the latest Bystronic Laser Cutting Systems, we aim to provide flexible as well as cost-effective service to clients.

What is CNC Bending?

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) is one of the most interesting engineering techniques that guarantee higher level of repeatability and productivity. We use machines that can fabricate high environment bent tubes, which can further be used for the purpose of classified ads application employed in various field of chemical, furniture and automotive manufacturing industries. It is also used for ship building and railways extensively. One of the most highly efficient and automated procedures, we ensure precise bending. This allows design flexibility as well as dimensional accuracy.

Why Laser Cutting Technology?

CNC laser cutting services is an advanced metalworking technology. There are several advantages of using this service, such as:

  • Free detail configuration
  • High quality verticality and cutting surface to the plane of material
  • Lacks permanent deformation in details
  • No manual fine-tuning is needed in terms of given size as the level of tolerance is 0.1mm
  • Easy execution of varies support structural elements that can reduce bending, welding and side
  • Cutting stainless steel, aluminium and black metal made easier
  • Engraving on details, both technological and decorative

Purpose of Laser Operation

Laser operation plays an important role in CNC bending, which includes:

  • Etching
  • Cutting
  • Holes
  • Slotting
  • Special shaping
  • Text, logo and imaging

Our Team

At Lancerfab Tech, we operate with an expert team of CNC bending service providers and CNC laser cutting operators as well as programs that ensure material and quality. We ensure high productivity and results with efficiency. Using the latest software and easy programming, new education, calculation mechanism, note functions, and direct angle mode, we have successfully delivered CNC laser bending services to our clients. We offer CNC bending up to 10mm of thickness for steel sheet. With our experience and knowledge in metal bending operations, we guarantee part efficiency and accuracy.

CNC Laser Cutting and Bending is the New Age Solution

Bending is one of the most up-to-date parts manufacturing process next to CNC laser cutting operation that provides finest details, equipment and structural elements. Without destroying the material, or reducing its corrosion, strength and resistance, we deliver the finest output. We produce aesthetic products through bending operation.

At Lancerfab Tech, we use the latest High-tech hydraulic multi axe band press with CNC, which ensures precise bending to required band angles and dimensions.

Why Choose Us?

Our vision is to serve our clients with what they require. At Lancerfab Tech, we aim to become the market leader in preparing and supplying sheet bending, CNC press brake, and laser cutting and bending services, giving you no reasons to complain. Noted below are some valid reasons to choose us:

  • We are the ultimate source of sheet metal solutions in our country, India
  • We use Bystronic Laser Cutting System and provide cost-effective solutions
  • We operate with advanced and technologically sound equipment, which makes us the most trusted company in terms of precision cutting, purity and accuracy of cutting parts

With us, you can experience the perfect blend of innovative technology, cost effective services and outstanding workmanship.

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With the advancement of technology, innovative metalworking solutions are put forth for a wide spectrum of industrial and engineering processes.

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