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Sheet Metal Design Engineering Crafted to Your Needs

In the manufacturing industry, engineers face the challenge of metal designing that complies with company rules and quality standards for efficient production as well as to facilitate smooth exchange with contractors and suppliers. At LancerFab Tech, our sheet metal design solutions can help you address these challenges and minimize costs. We believe in delivering highest quality services and technical expertise in sheet metal designing and cost effective solutions. We have a team of highly skilled engineers who understand the requirements of our clients and provide sheet metal design services that are tailored to meet unique needs and budget.

Our Expertise

At LancerFab Tech, we harness our industry experience and latest technology to create most accurate and precise drawings. We use the most advanced 3D CAD/CAM system for detailed laser cutting design and isometrics. This facilitates faster and accurate drawings, better revision control, and minimal development lead time, right from conceptualization to manufacturing. We have vast experience in all forms of Component Designing – from standard laser cutting to multi-process metal cut design and fabrication.

By using 3D Solid Modeling software in metal work design of assemblies and parts, we create “virtually” all the parts in three dimensions in our proprietary CAD workstations. This helps us to detect and fix any errors that may be present in the existing 2D sheet metal design process. Additionally, CAM software enables us to quickly transmit 3D data from the CAD system to the CAM, without any loss of intelligent attributes. This further helps to eliminate common errors that may arise during the process of translating data from CAD to CAM system.

Our Services

LancerFab Tech offer comprehensive sheet metal design services that include :

  • All kinds of sheet cutting design, prototype development, component designing, and metal designing for parts and assemblies
  • Comprehensive CAD/CAM solutions
  • Metal cut design and technical support
  • Project re-engineering and value engineering support
  • Estimation & costing
  • 2D or 3D file import, download or upload engineering drawings and technical data on FTP

In addition to unmatched sheet metal design capabilities, we also offer on-site technical consultancy and support. Our design team provides ingenious solution to meet any sheet metal designing problem.

Why Choose Us?

  • Fast and accurate design of complex sheet metal parts and assemblies
  • Laser cutting design that conform to company-defined standards to deliver design quality
  • Use of latest technology and software to take consider varied production constraints early in the design phase, thus, identifying errors and fixing them well in advance

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